‘Let’s Be Cops’ Star Nina Dobrev Talks Bringing Her ‘Quirks’ To The Comedy — Find Out What They Are!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Don’t let Nina Dobrev fool you.

While the Vampire Diaries star may seem polished on red carpets, she’s secretly a major clutz — at least that’s what she admitted to PeoplesChoice.com at the premiere of her new comedy Let’s Be Cops.

Dobrev, who plays a waitress in the film, said her Let’s Be Cops co-stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. encouraged her to bring her “quirks” to the role.

“They really gave me confidence and supported me and wanted me to make the character my own,” said Dobrev, who explained that she brought some personal traits — like “snorting and clumsiness” — to the character. Wait a minute, Nina Dobrev actually snorts and trips?

“That’s just me,” Dobrev said. “That’s just how I am, like, I’m pretty shocked that I’ve walked a full 20 feet [on the Let’s Be Cops red carpet] without falling — it’s a good day for me today.”


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While the film — which follows two friends (Johnson and Wayans Jr.) who get themselves into a mess with the mafia after pretending to be cops — doesn't have much in common with The Vampire Diaries, the two projects do share at least one similarity: They were both filmed in Atlanta.

"I got to be the tour guide," said Dobrev about shooting in Atlanta. "I got to tell everyone where to go and what to do."

Dobrev, who often has to pull double and even triple duty as Elena Gilbert (and her many doppelgangers) on TVD, said it was refreshing to not be in every scene of the movie.

"I had a lot of downtime which was nice because I could just relax and talk to everyone," said Dobrev, whose character has some fun romantic moments with Wayan Jr.'s Justin. "It was the comfort of having a job that you love but still having freedom to read a book or go away for the weekend."


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Let's Be Cops is in theaters now.

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