‘Doctor Who’ Stars Peter Capaldi And Jenna Coleman Reveal Their Wildest Fan Encounter So Far

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Peter Capaldi has yet to make his big Doctor Who debut, but that hasn’t stopped fans from rallying around him.

At the first U.S. screening for the season 8 premiere on Thursday, Capaldi, who was tapped to play the twelfth time traveling Doctor last year, told PeoplesChoice.com that he’s already experienced some wild Whovian encounters — including one that took place during a stop in South Korea with co-star Jenna Coleman, who is resuming her role as the Doctor’s trusted companion.

“It was like we were the Beatles,” said Capaldi about the enthusiasm he and Coleman encountered when they landed at the South Korean airport. “There were lots of young people screaming and singing Doctor Who songs they made up. And then I arrived here and a guy went, ‘The first Italian Doctor,’ that was very New York.”

Coleman, meanwhile, described the experience as “staggering.”

While the first New York City fan Capaldi encountered managed to play it somewhat cool while meeting the new Doctor, fans at the premiere screening last night weren’t quite as composed.

What seemed like thousands of energetic Whovians congregated around the event to get a glimpse of Capaldi and Coleman on the red carpet. The raucous crowd also banded together as they took turns loudly chanting the names of the actors.

According to Capaldi, fans of the long-running BBC America series will have a lot more to be excited about in the coming months. When asked to describe the upcoming season, Capaldi, amidst an almost deafening scream of enthusiastic Doctor Who fans, told us, “tiny, listen, beware, trust, no one.”

The Doctor is certainly in.

Doctor Who returns Saturday, August 23 at 8:00 p.m. on BBC America followed by Doctor Who: After Who Live, hosted by Chris Hardwick, at 11:00 p.m.

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