Major ‘Glee’ Spoilers, Henry Cavill Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Amy Adams, And More

Photo Courtesy: Fox
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Photo Courtesy: Fox

Happy Thursday! Wake up, grab the nearest ice coffee, and take a look at today’s morning headlines. The Flash races through Starling City, the creator of The Sopranos finally opens up about the series’ climactic final scene, and an intrepid celebrity takes a selfie next to an active volcano. Those stories and more in today’s morning headlines!

1. Prepare for some major Glee spoilers in three, two, one! Fox revealed that Rachel will be returning to Lima to “reinstate and lead” the Glee club, while Mr. Schue, reportedly, will be leading Vocal Adrenaline. [TV Line]

2. Who are the latest celebrities to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Superman and Lois Lane aka Henry Cavill and Amy Adams! Watch Henry Cavill get doused with many buckets (and a few trashcans) of ice water while dressed as Superman. [Time]


3. The Flash zips through Arrow’s Starling City in a new promotional poster released by the CW. The Flash debuts on October 7th. [EW]

4. Long live Tony Soprano! Thanks to the Soprano’s ambiguous ending, fans have long debated whether the main character is dead or alive. Now, they may finally have an answer.  Series creator David Chase reportedly told a reporter that Tony Soprano is still alive. []

5. Taylor Swift is number one! The singer-songwriter’s new single “Shake It Off” has skyrocketed all the way to number one on the Billboard Hot 100! [Vulture]

6. We’ve all taken a selfie or two in our lifetime, but we’ve never taken a selfie next to an active volcano. Take a look at this one-of-a-kind volcano selfie courtesy of Rihanna. [Cosmo]

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