‘Gone Girl’ Star Emily Ratajkowski Talks Working With Ben Affleck: ‘He’s A Wonderful Guy’

Photo Credit: David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment
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Photo Credit: David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment

Starring in your first film can be quite stressful. Starring in your first film that just so happens to be directed by David Fincher and feature Ben Affleck can be, well…very stressful.

Luckily for “Blurred Lines” model Emily Ratajkowski, who will make her big screen debut as Andie Hardy in the highly anticipated Gone Girl adaptation this October, the experience was anything but harrowing.

“It was amazing,” Ratajkowski told PeoplesChoice.com, who said that both Fincher and Affleck were great teachers. “It was my first film so I was a pretty good student, I think.”

Ratajkowski said the cast got to know each other well while shooting the film on location in a small town in Missouri — and had some especially glowing words for Affleck, who plays her character’s paramour, Nick Dunne, in the film.

“He’s a really wonderful guy,” said Ratajkowski, who added that it was a dream working with Affleck. “He taught me the ropes.”

A brand new trailer for Gone Girl debuted during the broadcast of the Emmy Awards earlier this week. The extended look at the highly anticipated film not only includes additional footage of Nick and Amy (Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike), but also features a cameo appearance by Neil Patrick Harris, who portrays Amy’s ex-boyfriend Desi Collings.

Watch Ratajkowski’s interview below:

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Gone Girl hits theaters October 3.

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