‘Chicago PD’ Star Jesse Lee Soffer Promises Season 2 Will Be Action-Packed, Talks ‘Linstead’ Shippers

Image Courtesy: NBC
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Image Courtesy: NBC

Chicago PD fans: You’re in for a very wild ride this season.

We spoke to Chicago PD star Jesse Lee Soffer ahead of the season two premiere on September 24, and he promised it’s going to be crazy and “action-packed.”

“It feels like when we get the script for every episode we’re flipping a car or there’s some other crazy action going on,” Soffer said. “It’s going to be awesome.”

Soffer teased that fans will get to meet a few new characters in season two, as well as learn more about current characters, like Nadia (Stella Maeve), a former drug-addicted escort, who Erin (Sophia Bush) takes under her wing.

“Fans really seem to respond to seeing the personal relationships, and the backstories,” said Soffer. “They love seeing the dynamic of the relationships between Olinsky and Ruzek, Lindsay and Voight, and Lindsay and Halstead, so there will be a lot more of that this season.”

Fans everywhere are hoping there’s a lot more of Lindsay and Halstead—they even have their own hashtag (#Linstead), which Soffer calls “hilarious.” Soffer said he and Bush love seeing all the “Linstead” tweets, and know that the fans want them to end up together.

“Ultimately, it’s up to Voight,” said Soffer.

But with chemistry like Bush and Soffer have, how could Voight keep them apart—and how could you not ship their characters?

“I think fans can see the chemistry,” Soffer said. “Soph, Paddy [Flueger], and I all worked together on Hatfields & McCoys, so we knew each other coming into this. It makes working together so much easier, because there’s already a relationship there, which translates to the screen.”

Another thing fans can look forward to in the upcoming season is another crossover with Law & Order SVU.

“Dick Wolf is a genius, and manages to crossover shows seamlessly,” said Soffer.

Watch the teaser trailer below and tune in to the season two premiere of Chicago PD on Wednesday, September 24!

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