Brad Pitt Admits He’s A Pretty Good Dad

Photo Courtesy: Details
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Photo Courtesy: Details

Brad Pitt has an overabundance of skills. He’s a captivating actor, a renown philanthropist, and not to mention, quite an innovative dancer. But, according to Mr. Pitt, there is one very important endeavor that he truly “doesn’t suck at”: parenthood.

Pitt, who graces the November cover of Details, got candid about his his personal life with the magazine.

“I’ve discovered I don’t suck at being a dad,” the father of six said.

Pitt, who stars in the upcoming American war film Fury, also discussed his own upbringing specifically what it was like to grow up in Missouri.

“I grew up in the Ozarks—something resembling Mark Twain country,” Pitt said. “The woods, rivers, bluffs, lakes, and caves have all left an indelible mark on me. And I’m quite reverential when it comes to a tree. On my forearm, I had tattooed 94.9m (311.4ft) — the height of the largest sequoia.”

So where does the megastar find his greatest moments of solitude? On a movie set? At home with his new bride Angelina Jolie? Nope. Pitt said he feels most at peace “in the land, on the road.” An avid motorcyclist, Pitt told Details he likes to “to carve out time for a solo ride” in every country he travels to, “from the Highlands of Scotland to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to the belly of India.”

You can catch Brad Pitt in the upcoming film Fury, which arrives in theaters on Friday. 

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