‘The Americans’ Star Annet Mahendru Reveals A Costar’s Strange Hidden Talent

Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment
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Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment

The Americans star Annet Mahendru knows a thing or two about covert operations, which is perhaps why she was such an amazing guest during this week’s edition of Against the Clock!

Mahendru, who portrays stealthy triple agent Nina Sergeevna on the critically acclaimed FX series, is the latest contestant to partake in our heart-pounding verbal obstacle course of celebrity Q&A. How does Mahendru unwind on set? By listening to Blondie! What’s her guilty pleasure television show?

“I’m just enjoying Veep right now,” the actress told us.

You’re not alone, Annet. You are certainly not alone.

Mahendru also disclosed that her co-star Noah Emmerich, who plays FBI agent Stan Beeman, has a surprising hidden talent — or maybe we should say hidden “talent.”

“Noah tells really good knock-knock jokes; or at least he thinks he does,” Mahendru revealed.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? BURNED, Noah Emmerich!

Who does Mahendru believe is her funniest co-star? What’s her hilarious (and very visual) pre-taping ritual? Find out by watching Annet Mahendru’s full People’s Choice Against the Clock video below!


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The Americans will return in 2015 with 13 brand-new episodes.

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