James Blunt Put His Sister On Ebay And She Met The Man Of Her Dreams

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Attention, Hollywood! We have your next smash hit romantic comedy courtesy of Mr. James Blunt.

Blunt, the talented crooner behind such romantic hits as “You’re Beautiful” and “High,” once sold his sister on Ebay. In what started out as a modern day Boy Meets World plot gone awry, this unusual tale comes complete with a storybook ending.

Before Blunt’s first album, the singer, a self-described “Ebay addict,” embarked upon a world tour that he financed by selling most of his worldly possessions on Ebay. Things got interesting when he returned home from his globetrotting adventure.

“I came back to the flat where my sister was staying and she was crying because she couldn’t get to a funeral in Ireland,” Blunt told British GQ. “The planes were on strike, the ferry was out of season, and there were no trains.”

With no planes, trains, or ferry-mobiles available, Blunt hatched a cunning caper.

“So I put on eBay: ‘Damsel in distress needs knight in shining armour to get her to this funeral on Saturday. What can anyone do?’ And these men bid and bid and bid and the winning guy said: ‘I can do this, I’ve got a helicopter.’”

Blunt, seemingly trusting of anyone who owns their own helicopter, accepted the offer, but this unusual story doesn’t end there.

“Anyway, now they’re married, they have been for five years and they’ve got two kids together,” Blunt revealed. “He’s got some dough, he’s got a chopper, he’s a great guy. They named both their kids after types of helicopter.”

This story’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful and it’s true.

Have you ever bought or sold an unusual item on Ebay?

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