7 Cheesy Made-For-TV Christmas Movies That We All Secretly Love

Photo Courtesy: ABC Family
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Photo Courtesy: ABC Family

From solidified holiday classics like It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, to more recent favorites like Elf and Love Actually, the winter season isn’t complete without a few of our favorite films. Such black-and-white masters, clay-mation creations, and laugh-out-loud features, have long since been played on loop during the Christmas season and have always been the background staple of holiday parties and nights spent waiting up for Santa Claus.

But then, there are these guys. We don’t want say they’re the C-team in the league of Christmas-themed entertainment, but let’s just say, they’re not exactly starting line up.

Outlandish plotlines, cheesy titles and melodramatically forced moral lessons are the reason these flicks never saw a box office. But nonetheless, if you need a break from the Yuletide overload this time of year, these seven films will remind you not to take the holidays so seriously. And you’re in luck! Most of these holiday-not-so-classics are streaming on Netflix or premiering on TV this month, just waiting to be binge-watched.

Check out our list of seven cheesy holiday movies (that, let’s face it, we all secretly love) below:

1. Christmas Cupid (ABC Family, 2010)

A mashup of two holidays in one (is that even allowed?), Christina Milian plays PR-pro and modern day Scrooge, Sloan Spencer. Sloan is visited by a match-making angel (PLL’s Ashley Benson) who prompts her to change her ways before it’s too or end up alone forever.


2. Holiday in Handcuffs (ABC Family, 2007)

“A federal offense probably puts you on the naughty list.”

If you’ve ever pictured AC Slater and Sabrina the Teenage Witch getting together, this movie is perfect for you. Melissa Joan Hart plays a desperate waitress, who is so determined to not show up to her sister’s wedding alone that she actually kidnaps one of her customers (Mario Lopez). To top it off, Hart sports an awful curly haired wig throughout the movie and the two actually fall in love. In real life, this would be considered illegal, but in the land of holiday movies, it’s just happenstance attraction.


3. Dear Santa (Lifetime, 2011)

Absent-minded party girl Crystal, played by Amy Acker, finds a seven-year-old’s letter to Santa asking him for a new wife for her father (David Haydn-Jones) and thinks she would be the perfect fit for their new family. This kind-of-creepy movie premise is made all the more amusing due to the cheesy dialogue and the fact that 90210 alumni Jason Priestly directed it.


4. Holidaze (ABC Family, 2013)

Jenny Garth plays Melody, a high-powered exec who leaves her small town beginnings behind only to take a spill and wake up in an alternate universe where she never left home and is married to her high school sweetheart, Carter (Cameron Mathison). And because, you know, amnesia is so common this time of year, nobody but Melody seems to be aware of the alternate universe. In other words, it’s kind of like a sci-fi Christmas mystery.


5. A Cookie Cutter Christmas (Hallmark Channel, 2014)

Two longtime rivals and elementary school teachers simultaneously square off in a cookie bake-off while trying to win the affection of the town’s newest single dad (David Haydn-Jones). Nothing like some good old fashioned competition to get you in the Christmas spirit, right?


6. Crazy for Christmas (Lifetime, 2005)

Single mother Shannon (Andrea Roth) is stuck chauffeuring around generous yet wacked-out millionaire Fred Nickells (Howard Hessemen) on Christmas Eve, while a local reporter (Yannick Bisson) follows them around hoping to get the scoop on why he’s suddenly giving away his fortune. But what Shannon doesn’t know is that Nickells is connected to her in more ways than one. How’s that for a soap opera style twist?


7. The Mistle-Tones (ABC Family, 2012)

When Holly (Tia Mowry-Hardict) gets rejected from the Snow Belles, a Christmas-themed pop group founded by her late mother, she decides to form her own group and challenge the mean girl leader of the Snow Belles (Tori Spelling) to a Christmas Eve sing-off. Feel free to lip sync along and “ring in the rivalry” with ABC’s first original musical.


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