10 Reasons Why You Won’t Want To Miss The People’s Choice Awards Tonight

Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
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Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Tonight’s finally the night! The People’s Choice Awards are finally here, and we can guarantee that it’ll be a show you’ll be talking about for weeks to come.

You want unforgettable performances from your favorite artists? We’ve got ’em. How about acceptance speeches that are both moving and hilarious? We’ve got plenty of those on hand, too. What about all of your favorite stars, all together for one night? The People’s Choice Awards is the place for that. And what if you need a few unpredictable, memorable moments to talk about on Twitter the next day? We’re kind of famous for those.

But, on the off chance that memories of telecasts past or the promise of excitement yet to come still hasn’t convinced you to tune into CBS at 9/8 central tonight, we’ve got 10 indisputable reasons why you won’t want to miss People’s Choice Awards 2015. After all, you don’t want to be left out of everyone’s conversations tomorrow morning, do you?

1. The show will be hosted by two of the funniest ladies around. 
Maybe you know them from their hit CBS show, Mom, or maybe you’ve seen one of their many hilarious film performances, but hosting an award show is what Anna Faris and Allison Janney were born to do. In addition to being incredibly talented actresses, they’ve also got the kind of fun, unpredictable nature that’s needed to keep an award shows fresh and exciting. They’ve already promised us a kissing booth and aerial acrobatics, so there’s no telling what surprises Faris and Janney have in store for the big night.

2. Iggy Azalea will kick off 2015 with an incredible performance. 
Nobody in the music industry has had a bigger year than Iggy Azalea: she released two albums, had the song of the summer with “Fancy,” topped every chart, broke records and raked in an incredible amount of awards, including three Grammy nods and two People’s Choice Awards nominations (“Favorite Female Artist” and “Favorite Hip-Hop Artist”). After such an unbelievable run, it’s no surprise that Azalea decided to take some time off around the holidays, which means that the People’s Choice Awards will be her first major event of the new year. Want to see what she has in store for 2015? Tonight’s your chance to find out.

3. Ellen Degeneres might break yet another record. 
Last year, the comedian took home her 14th People’s Choice Award, officially making her the winning-est celebrity in the history of the awards. This year, Degeneres is nominated once again for “Favorite Daytime TV Host,” and if she takes home the trophy, she will have broken her own record with an astounding 15 wins. How could you possibly miss potential history in the making? Some day, you might tell your children about tonight’s awards…

4. Lady Antebellum will get everyone two-stepping. 
You can always count on Lady Antebellum to add some much needed down-home charm to a glitzy red carpet. Whether the “Favorite Country Group” nominees are making you shimmy around your room or cry into the karaoke microphone, there’s something about their music that just touches everyone, and you can bet that there won’t be a person in the building who can resist them once their performance kicks off. If you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite stars get down to the same songs you do, you’re not going to want to miss tonight’s show.

5. The Entourage cast will reunite, live on our stage.
Their big screen reunion might not be happening until May, but we’ve got Vinny and the boys back together a whole four months early, just for the People’s Choice Awards. Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara will all be on hand to add touch of Hollywood glamour to the evening. If you’ve ever watched Entourage, you know the guys are pros at having a good time, so you’re definitely going to want to tune in to see just how much fun they have at this year’s show.

6. All of your favorite stars will be there, from Snow White to Iron Man.
We don’t just have incredible performances and high-profile reunions; the whole night will be packed with all of the celebrities you love. With stars like Robert Downey Jr., Ginnifer Goodwin, Viola Davis, Sarah Hyland and country cutie Hunter Hayes confirmed to stop by, this year’s People’s Choice Awards is going to be on of the most star-studded events on television. (And if that hasn’t tempted you, TV legend Betty White will also be there, and there’s no telling what mischief she’ll manage to get up to before the night is over.)

7. Ben Affleck will be honored as our “Favorite Humanitarian.” 
He’s an Oscar winner, a superhero and one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, but tonight, Ben Affleck is being celebrated for his big heart. A longtime advocate for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Affleck founded the Eastern Congo Initiative in 2010, an organization that works to strengthen the economy, support its people and provide vital resources and health care for women and children. He’s even testified before Congress to support building a stronger relationship between the US and Congo. Looks like it’s not just the people of Gotham who can count on Affleck.

8. The stars will give your major fashion envy. 
Over the years, everyone from the biggest names in Hollywood to the hottest rising stars have used the People’s Choice Awards as a way to show off their signature style. Whether they opt for a showstopping gown, a fun and flirty mini, the latest, edgy trends or something classic and chic, the stars always bring something to inspire a full-on wardrobe overhaul. And since the show itself has such a fun-loving atmosphere, everyone feels comfortable just being themselves, whether they’re all glammed up or rocking something relaxed and funky.

9. You’ll get a first listen to Fall Out Boy’s new record. 
Sure, we’ve already memorized all of the words to “Centuries” and “Immortals,” but with only a week left until the release of American Beauty/American Psycho, we’re desperate for as much Fall Out Boy as we can get. And there’s no doubt that Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman will deliver when they take the stage tonight, as these gents are known to be some of the best live performers in the biz. It’s bound to be a moment you’ll remember for, well, centuries.

10. Every single winner was chosen by you, the people. 
The thing that really makes the People’s Choice Awards such an unforgettable night is that all of the nominees and winners were chosen by you. You voted day in and day out to see your favorite shows, movies, songs, actors, actresses and artists recognized for all of their hard work and talent, and now you get to see your favorite stars take home the trophies. The best part? When they make their acceptance speeches, you can be sure that they mean every word or gratitude that they share because without you, the people, there really would be no People’s Choice Awards.


People’s Choice Awards will air live from the Nokia Theater L.A. Live on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/delayed PT) on CBS.

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