People’s Choice Awards 2015 Exposes Celebrity Snack Smugglers

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When you think of award shows, you probably think of emotional acceptance speeches, splashy red carpet dresses, and hilarious host moments, but beneath the glitzy surface there’s a much darker reality.

On Wednesday, People’s Choice Awards 2015 exposed a dangerous new celebrity trend that’s been popping up at shows everywhere: snack smuggling.

Award shows are long and celebrities, well, they get hungry. So hungry, in fact, that they’ve actually resorted to sneaking in rolls to arenas that clearly state food and drinks are not allowed inside.

The People’s Choice exposé featured an interview with a celebrity — who asked to remain anonymous (you’ll see just how long that lasted) — willing to talk about award show smugglers.

“These shows are way to long and we need a little pick me up,” said the mystery celebrity (spoiler alert: he doesn’t stay a mystery for long!), before holding up a bag of King’s Hawaiian rolls.

According to the celebrity, the smuggling ring goes “all the way down to movie stars to reality contestants.”

The People’s Choice segment even caught a celebrity in the act of sneaking in snacks.

Trust us, when you see what happens when a well-known TV star sets off the snack detectors, it’ll forever change the way you view award shows.

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