Golden Globes 2015: George Clooney Declares His Love For Amal Alamuddin, Plus 9 More Amazing Moments

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There’s a reason the Golden Globes are known as the wildest night in Hollywood!

The 2015 awards season veered ahead with the glitz, glamour and general unpredictability of the Golden Globes, and this year, it seemed to be packed with even more memorable moments than usual. From surprise winners to touching speeches and the glorious presence of Prince himself, this year’s telecast had plenty of buzzy bits. In fact, the show moved so quickly that while you were composing the perfect tweet about Jamie Dornan’s beard (swoon!) or Jennifer Lopez’s dress (double swoon!), you might have missed some of the juiciest parts of the night.

Thankfully, we’ve rounded up 10 of the biggest and best moments from this year’s Golden Globes, so you’ll be able to dissect them with your friends and co-workers with ease. After all, you don’t want to be the only one without an opinion on whether Julianna Margulies or Don Cheadle knows George Clooney best, do you?

1. Amy Poehler accidentally creates a new meme. 


Some of their other monologue jokes might have gotten more retweets – like, for example, this year’s classic Clooney jab – but it was Poehler’s joke about Emma Stone’s resemblance to the kewpie-doll paintings in Big Eyes that created an Internet phenomenon. Within minutes, film posters and stills were altered in order to make it look like everyone’s dream best friend was the subject of Margaret Keane’s paintings all along. Nothing stops the Internet when they spot a meme in the making.

2. Joanne Froggatt honors assault victims in her speech. 


She might have been the one being honored for her work on the latest season of Downton Abbey, but Joanne Froggatt made sure it was the women who really had suffered the trauma that her character, Anna, did that got the spotlight when it was time to accept her award. Recalling a letter that a survivor wrote her after the season aired, Froggatt wanted to help survivors have a voice, and her touching speech was the epitome of grace.

3. The Cumber-bomb. 



Sure, Margaret Cho’s North Korean film critic taking a picture with Meryl Streep will probably get most of the attention after the awards, but the most memorable moment is actually buried in the back of the frame. See, Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t just watch the photo take place and not add his own touch of humor to the proceedings, so he did what every man would in the situation: he jumped up on his chair and photobombed the pair. Those arms you saw flailing wildly behind Meryl Streep? That was Sherlock Holmes himself.

A big win for the CW, George Clooney declares his love for new wife Amal Almulddin and more after the jump!

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