‘Beauty And The Beast’ Season 3 Scoop: It’s Vincent And Catherine Against The World

Photo Courtesy: The CW
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Photo Courtesy: The CW

Beauty and the Beast fans are known to be some of the most patient and passionate fans around, so it seems only fair that their loyalty is finally rewarded with some season 3 scoop!

We caught up with star Austin Basis during TCA in July, and got him to open up to us about the new season of the People’s Choice Awards 2015 winner for Favorite Network Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show. His top priority is, unsurprisingly, how J.T. is faring after the events of the finale and his “near-death experience.”

Although, he doesn’t have a good feeling about the mystery drug that J.T. was injected with: “It hasn’t been on the market, and it’s not FDA-approved. I don’t trust anything that’s not FDA-approved.”


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But while Beasties are certainly concerned about the fate of their resident bio-chem professor, what they really want to know is what's in store for the show's titular couple. While Basis couldn't reveal too much, he did note that Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine's (Kristin Kreuk) relationship will be one of the main focuses of the season.

"It's always been Vincent and Catherine against the world, and so now that's specifically, actually going to be the case," he explained. So what's changed for the no-longer star-crossed pair? Well, for one, there's "the domestic aspect of the Beauty and the Beast living as a couple without these forces pulling them apart."


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That doesn't mean it's going to be all smooth sailing for Vincent and Catherine, though. Basis did hint that the pair will have some pretty intense obstacles to overcome - the phrase "life and death situations" may even have been used.

Get all of the scoop we could get Basis to reveal about everyone's favorite couple along with why you can never tell what executive producer Brad Kern has planned in the full interviews, above.

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