Courteney Cox Says She Would Be Willing To Do A One-Episode Revival Of ‘Friends’

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Will the cast of Friends be there for you in the form of an all new one-episode reunion special? Courteney Cox is kinda-sorta-maybe perhaps open to the idea.

While promoting her upcoming film, Just Before I Go, on yesterday’s  On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Cox played a game of “Courteney CoxBlox,” in which Seacrest pitched a series of hypothetical scenarios that the former Friends star could either accept or block. That’s when Seacrest asked the question every Friends fan has been asking for the last 10 years.

“The cast of Friends says, ‘Hey we want to continue the show.’ Courteney Cox blocks it or doesn’t blocks it?”

“Oh man. That’s a tough one!” Cox said. “One episode, Thanksgiving! What happened to them?”

Could that answer be any more vague?

The cast of the immensely popular ’90s sitcom has been hesitant to commit to a reunion episode since the series ended back in 2004. So while Cox wouldn’t necessarily block a one-episode revival, we may need to savor the Jimmy Kimmel led Friends mini-reunion just a little while longer.

Watch Courteney Cox’s feature film directorial debut when Just Before I Go arrives in theaters April 24.

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