More Bad News For ‘Hannibal’ Fans

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Amazon and Netflix have decided not to have a second helping of NBC’s recently canceled Hannibal.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller confirmed yesterday evening that the streaming sites have opted not to pick up the critically acclaimed drama for a fourth season.



“I’m sorry to report @amazon and @netflix have passed on #Hannibal S4, but we’re still investigating possibilities,” Fuller wrote on Twitter.

Though unfortunate, Netflix’s decision to decline Hannibal’s dinner party invitation doesn’t exactly come as a shock. Fuller previously told Vulture that Netflix would not be able to pick up the canceled series because Amazon already had a streaming deal in place for Hannibal’s existing seasons.

Meanwhile, according to Deadline, Amazon’s reluctance to revive Hannibal may have more to do with Fuller’s upcoming Starz series, American Gods. A potential fourth season of Hannibal would have to wait until production on season one of American Gods was complete, which would mean Fuller wouldn’t be available for more than a year to work on more Hannibal.

While prospects remain bleak, Fuller says that he’s still exploring other options.

An all new episode of Hannibal airs Thursday night at 10:00/9c on NBC.

(H/T Vulture)

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