6 Things You Never Knew About ‘Legally Blonde’

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Though it may seem like only yesterday when we were flouncing down the halls of Harvard Law alongside the bubbly Elle Woods, in reality, it’s been a whopping 14 years since we first fell in love with Legally Blonde.

Released in 2001, the film — which starred Reese Witherspoon as the endearing sorority-girl-turned-law-student — grossed nearly $100 million at the box office and inspired an entire generation of movie-goers to take a practice LSAT (or, was that just us?).

If you’re starting to feel a bit nostalgic too, we’re right there with you! In honor of Elle Woods — who taught us everything from the definition of mens rea to the importance of the bend-and-snap — we’ve compiled a list of six facts you might not have known about Legally Blonde.

1. Elle might have had an easy time getting into Harvard Law, but producers actually struggled to find a prestigious school that would let them use its name in the movie. Producers originally wanted Elle to attend Stanford University, in keeping with the Amanda Brown novel the movie is based off. Stanford, however, didn’t approve of the script, so Elle ended up attending school back East at Harvard instead.


2. Reese Witherspoon had some stiff competition for the role of everyone’s favorite sorority girl. According to IMDB, the actress beat out the likes of Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, Katherine Heigl, Christina Applegate, MIlla Jovovich, and Jennifer Love Hewitt — all of whom were considered for the role of Elle Woods.


3. Witherspoon wasn’t the only actress who almost didn’t make the cut. Witherspoon’s Cruel Intentions co-star Selma Blair was not the first choice for the role of Warner’s stuck up fiance, Vivian Kensington. Producers originally wanted actress Chloe Sevigny for the part, but she turned down the role for an off-Broadway play called What the Butler Saw. “I thought [the play] would be more challenging. I guess I didn’t realize the full potential of Legally Blonde at the time, but now I love those films — they’re hilarious,” Sevigny later said.


4. You’re not the only one who fell in love with Elle Woods’ style. As part of her contract, Witherspoon got to take home Elle’s entire wardrobe after filming wrapped.


5. The success of the first Legally Blonde film meant Elle got to step up her shoe game when it came time for the sequel. Famed shoe designer Jimmy Choo used man-made materials to create 63 different pairs of shoes for the character to wear in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde. Just as with her wardrobe on the first film, Witherspoon got to keep all the shoes from the second film.


6. Elle Woods’ fictional LSAT score was near-perfect. In the film, Elle says she scored a 179 on her LSAT. In real life, a perfect score on the LSAT exam is a 180, meaning that Elle’s score put her in the 90th percentile overall.

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