Watch Christina Applegate Reenact Meryl Streep’s Most Iconic Roles, But With A Hilarious Twist

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Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig aren’t the only two actors poking fun at Lifetime’s melodramatic made-for-TV movies! Ferrell’s Anchorman co-star, Christina Applegate, also lampooned the over-the-top genre with a hilarious new Funny or Die video that delightfully spoofs the storied career of Meryl Streep.

The former (and perhaps future?) Married with Children star delivers an exaggerated portrayal of the perennial Academy Award-nominated actress in the short video Meryl: The Lifetime Biopic.

“Critics agree. Christina Applegate was the wrong choice to play Meryl,” a voice-over jokes as Applegate impersonates the star’s inimitable acting style, while parodying classic Streep films like Julie & Julia, Doubt, and Kramer vs. Kramer.

“Honestly, it’s like she’s not even trying,” the wry voice-over notes while Applegate sings a song from Mamma Mia. “This legitimately hurts my ears.”


“Honestly, we kind of struggled to find dirt on Meryl, so we made things up. In the end there was really no reason to make this movie.” 

Applegate was quick to clarify that her Funny or Die video was “all for love.”



“Forgive me Meryl. All for love,” she wrote on Twitter.

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