‘Once Upon A Time’ Is Bringing Back Mulan, Demi Lovato Teases Her Next Single, And More

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It’s halfway through the week, so start looking forward to the weekend with Jamie Chung’s return to Once Upon A Time, Demi Lovato’s next single, and a special Gwen Stefani concert in New York. All that and more in today’s headlines.

1. Jamie Chung is returning to Once Upon A Time this season. Will Sleeping Beauty and the fiercest princess in all the land finally have a happily ever after ending? [E! Online]

2. PBS released a new trailer for Downton Abbey‘s final season. Only watch this if you’ve managed to stop crying from watching the first one. [Entertainment Weekly]

3. Woody Harrelson will play an evil human in the next Planet of the Apes sequel. Named “The Colonel”, his dastardly plans probably won’t have anything to do with fried chicken. [Vulture]

4. Demi Lovato revealed her next single. We’re “confident” this next song is going to get everyone even more excited for Demi’s upcoming album. [Billboard]

5. Bryan Cranston would play his Malcolm in the Middle character again. Then it’s only fair fair Frankie Muniz stars in a reboot of Breaking Bad as a more lighthearted Jesse Pinkman. [AV Club]

6. As part of MasterCard’s ongoing concert series, Gwen Stefani will perform a special concert in New York City next month. Multicolored hair? $400. A unique outfit to match Gwen’s? $1,250. Seeing Gwen Stefani up close and personal for one night only? Priceless. [People]

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