Julia Roberts Explains Why She’ll Never Appear On ‘American Horror Story’

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American Horror Story may have its fair share of big name actors but there’s one Hollywood star who’ll never appear on the show and that’s Julia Roberts.

Despite her good relationship with showrunner Ryan Murphy, Roberts told E! News that there’s a very specific reason why you’ll never catch her on AHS.

“I can’t even get through the commercials,” said Roberts. “I am the most fitful scaredy cat. When the first American Horror Story came out, remember the first poster? I said to [Ryan Murphy], ‘OK, I curse you. I stop at a traffic light and I have to look at that thing on billboards. It gives me the willies. What is that? What is going on? What have you done?’”

Of course, the seasoned actress did admit that being too scared to watch American Horror Story makes it a bit hard to cheer on her niece, Emma Roberts. “I try to support my Emma, but I don’t like it,” said Roberts.

Despite being lukewarm about the horror genre, Julia Roberts seems to have no problem with films about suspense. Fans can catch Roberts starring opposite Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor in the upcoming thriller, Secret in Their Eyes, when the film hits theaters on November 20.

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