‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Star Hailee Steinfeld Reveals Why She Decided To Become A Pop Star

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Hailee Steinfeld is making the transition from big-screen starlet to budding pop star. At 18, Steinfeld has already been nominated for an Academy Award, starred in a smash hit movie franchise (Pitch Perfect 2), and befriended Hollywood’s own Miss Congeniality, Taylor Swift. Now she’s setting her sights on the music world.

Fueled by the catchy dance single, “Love Myself,” currently at number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100, Steinfeld is gearing up to drop her debut project, Haiz. Upon its release, Entertainment Weekly caught up with the budding pop star to talk about why she’s decided to make the jump from acting to music now.

“With acting, I’ve never given anyone the opportunity to get to know me personally,” Steinfeld told the mag. “I choose a character that I love and identify with and I hope that there’s something in there that someone can relate to. But with music, [it’s] putting my own name on my own story.”

And Steinfeld is well aware of haters who think actors don’t make good singers. But the brunette beauty is determined to prove herself a double-threat.

“I’ve never worried that people aren’t going to take me seriously,” she said. “There was some concern on both sides about what my main focus would be. For a second, I felt like I had to [pick] one over the other. But it didn’t take long before I realized it was very easy to say, ‘Both.'”

To read the her full interview with Entertainment Weekly, grab the magazine’s current issue, hitting newstands on Friday, Nov. 13.

Steinfeld’s debut EP, Haiz, drops this Friday, Nov. 13.

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