Watch The Hilarious Trailer For Stephen Colbert And Liam Neeson’s ‘Candy Crush’ Movie Spoof

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Monopoly and World of Warcraft might soon be making their way to a theater near you, but Stephen Colbert thinks there’s another popular game worthy of getting the silver screen treatment.

That game is none other than Facebook’s uber addictive Candy Crush and lucky for us, Colbert has even taken it upon himself to create a trailer, depicting just how dramatic things could get if in the event the popular computer game ever got made into film.



Colbert’s Candy Crush: The Movie trailer made its debut on Tuesday night’s episode of The Late Show and stars none other than Liam Neeson (A Monster Calls) as Mr. Toffee, while Colbert plays his aloof son.

The sordid trailer brings forth a plot in which Mr. Toffee is on his deathbed after being pierced with a candy cane. His son, who got there just a bit too late, has a chance to save him but chooses not to in a hilarious moment sure to make you chuckle when you see it. Instead, Colbert’s character promises to “crush on in his memory” and make sure Mr. Toffee isn’t forgotten by sharing his high scores on Facebook.

Watch the hilarious spoof of Stephen Colbert’s Candy Crush: The Movie trailer above.

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