Laura Marano Reveals Her Favorite ‘Austin & Ally’ Episode And What She’ll Miss Most About Filming The Show

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With the Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally coming to an end tonight, it’s only natural to want to reminisce about some of the series’ best moments — and star Laura Marano is no exception!

When People’s Choice caught up with Marano, who plays Ally on the hit comedy, at the T.J. Martell Foundation’s annual New York Family Day event last month, she told us that the one thing she’ll miss most about filming the show is being on set with everyone.


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We can’t say we blame Marano for getting a bit sentimental about her castmates— we’re sure the whole Austin & Ally crew have done a lot of bonding over the past four years that the show has been airing on the Disney Channel.

Choosing the one thing she’ll miss most about Austin & Ally may have been easy for the actress, but when we asked her which of the series' episodes is her all-time favorite, Marano had trouble picking just one. “That’s hard," she said. "I think ‘Glee Clubs,’ which I love, and ‘Real Life In Real Life,’” said Marano after a bit of deliberation.

The actress also dished on the one hit fantasy series she’d love to guest star on, who she’d love to do a musical collab with, and more in the latest episode of our rapid fire question series, Against The Clock. Check out all of Laura Marano’s answers in the video above!

The series finale of Austin & Ally is set to air on January 10, 2016.

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