Watch Dwayne Johnson Thank Fans For His First-Ever People’s Choice Award

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images/Jeffrey Mayer
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No one gets between Dwayne Johnson and his devoted fans! In fact, you could say he’s “deeply connected” with the public! The lovable action star is this year’s People’s Choice Awards 2016 winner in the “Favorite Premium Cable TV Actor” category for his work on the HBO football series, Ballers.

Though Johnson was unable to attend tonight’s award show, the actor took the time to film a special message to  thank all the fans who voted and helped him win his first ever People’s Choice Award.


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“Wow, People’s Choice Award for "Favorite Cable TV Actor" for Ballers —  thank you so much. It means I’m deeply connected with the people!” Johnson starts off before being interrupted by someone making noise in the background.

Of course, Johnson will have none of that and he’s quick to put the noise makers in their place in a very hilarious way. Take a look for yourselves in the video above!

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