Wentworth Miller Says Fans Will See A New Side Of Captain Cold On ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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Fans of CW’s The Flash are undoubtedly familiar with bad guy, Leonard Snart, who also goes by the name of Captain Cold. While viewers might know him as a villain for now, actor Wentworth Miller says we’ll be seeing a different side of him when the highly anticipated Arrow/Flash spinoff show, Legends of Tomorrow finally premieres early next year.

The new series brings together a slew of fan favorite heroes and villains from both popular CW series and forces them to work together in order to stop Big Bad Vandal Savage from destroying the world as they know it.

When we caught up with Miller at the CW Upfronts over the summer, he teased that working as a team isn’t going to be easy from the get-go for Captain Cold.

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“He’s a bad guy, he’s always been about himself and his own interests,” Miller told People’s Choice “On this new show, he’s kind of forced to work with characters— good guys— that he wouldn’t normally be associated with, or would be pitted against, and I think that’s gong to bring out different sides of the character we haven’t seen before.”


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While Captain Cold can certainly hold his own, his weapon of choice is a stolen cryonic gun that he uses to freeze objects and people who dare to get in his way. Unlike some of his fellow cohorts who have superpowers that allow them to do things like fly at incredibly high speeds, Snart merely relies on his trusty gun to get him by.

For his part though, Miller said he doesn’t mind that his character doesn’t have super-human abilities.

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“I like the fact that I don’t have superpowers because first and foremost, my character’s meant to be a man,” explained Miller. “He’s meant to be relatable, a human being, and I like exploring that side.”

Legends of Tomorrow premieres on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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