Sandra Bullock Says Her Son Didn’t Recognize Her Voice In ‘Minions’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Sandra Bullock may have been in one of the biggest children’s movies of 2015, but her son wouldn’t know it.

When we caught up with the actress backstage at the People’s Choice Awards last week, Bullock, who voices the evil Scarlet Overkill in the Minions, revealed that her son didn’t recognize her voice when he saw the flick.

“He did not recognize my voice,” said Bullock about her son, Louis, who is 5.  “The only reason he says I’m in [Minions] is because a friend of his says I’m in it, and I know he still doesn’t recognize my voice or knows what that means.”



As for what’s next for the People's Choice Awards "Favorite Movie Actress" winner?  Bullock, who recently adopted a little girl, joked that the only thing she sees in her near future is “a nap and a vacation from [her] vacation.”



In actuality, however, the Our Brand Is Crisis star says she’s not sure what’s coming up for her in the new year because she’s been enjoying her time at home.

“I haven’t the slightest idea. I have not really been interested in thinking about that because I was happy being at home,” revealed Bullock. “But I always say I want to do one thing and then something else comes up that’s completely the opposite and that’s what I’m doing, so I’m grateful if something comes along that works for all of us."

We’ll be excited to hear about what comes next for Sandra Bullock in the coming year!