EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Scott Weinger Teases What’s Ahead For D.J. And Steve On ‘Fuller House’

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When Fuller House makes its Netflix debut, Steve will definitely be after DJ’s heart — at least according to actor Scott Weinger, who reprises his role as the eldest Tanner’s high school sweetheart in the follow-up series.

“DJ, of course, because of a tragedy, she’s a widow on the show, and is now single and Steve of course, is being very tactful and respectful, but he wants to see where things go,” teased Weinger when we caught up with him on the red carpet for the premiere of Fuller House in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Weinger is one of the many original Full House cast members set to return during the first season of the upcoming revival. While the new series feels like one big reunion for the fans, Weinger also told People’s Choice that it doesn’t feel like a reunion for the cast because they’ve all kept in touch over the years.


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“As far as my relationship with Candace, we’re great friends. Her husband is an amazing guy— we hang out together all the time and I was at their wedding 20 years ago,” revealed Weinger. “The cool thing is we’ve stayed friends all these years. It wasn’t like we had this big reunion. It’s a reunion on the show, but it’s not a reunion for us because everybody stayed so close."

But despite the fact that the Full House family is obviously such a tight knit bunch, Weinger did admit that stepping back into Steve’s shoes after all these years was a bit odd.

“Everything about it was weird! Acting again was weird, being bak on that set again…the original set is back up. The original couch where I told DJ I loved her is back [but] the weirdest thing of all was how not weird it was after the first day of looking around and feeling very confused,” explained Weinger. “It was like 20 years hadn’t happened. We were all just hanging out, making the same jokes, and getting lunch.”


These days, Weinger spends most of his time behind the camera as a full-time TV writer and producer, so the former actor said he was happy the filming schedule was able to coincide with his day to day job.

We’re definitely happy Weinger is back, too— we can’t wait to watch DJ and Steve’s relationship as adults unfold when Fuller House finally premieres!

The first season of Fuller House will be available to stream on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 26.

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