‘She’s The Man’ Director Reveals Where Channing Tatum And Amanda Bynes’ Characters Would Be Now (Exclusive Interview)

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Never forget that 2006 gave us She’s The Man and the greatest pick-up line ever: “Do you like cheese?” 

To which one should always reply: “Why, yes, I do. My favorite’s gouda.”

With so many great one-liners, hilarious facial expressions, crazy antics, and confusing scenarios, it’s no shock that this movie has stood the test of time to continue to be one of the best teen flicks ever made. Plus, who could resist (or understand) a movie about a girl pretending to be a boy who falls in love with a guy who loves another girl who falls for the first person who she thinks is a boy but is really a girl? That’s movie gold.

Whether She’s The Man is your favorite movie that you watch every day or it’s one that you watch once in a while, we can all agree that the greatest thing this beauty of a movie did for us all was give Channing Tatum his first lead role and ensure that he would be everywhere we looked 10 years later.

So now here we are, 10 years after Viola (Amanda Bynes) and Duke (Channing Tatum) walked the debutante ball runway like royalty. But, what happened next? People’s Choice spoke with director Andy Fickman to find out where the duo are now and if they’re still together.

Keep reading to find out what what Fickman had to say about what Viola and Duke are up to, as well as the rest of the She’s The Man team!

Viola (Amanda Bynes) & Duke (Channing Tatum)

Fickman: “There’s no reason that 10 years later, Viola wouldn’t have made it to the U.S. team and taken us to Olympic gold, and maybe Duke was doing the same thing on his end. They both like gouda, so in my mind, they definitely ended up together and probably some day will go off to have a litter of soccer pups. They’re definitely probably doing the AYSO [American Youth Soccer Organization] parent/soccer thing and looking at the next generation of fierce soccer players.”

Sebastian (James Kirk) & Olivia (Laura Ramsey)

Fickman: “I think Sebastian probably, maybe is still trying with his band. Maybe he’s still in London working out the band thing, but maybe Olivia grounded him and maybe it was time for him to hang up the guitar and probably go to college and get a real job.”

Mom (Julie Hagerty) & Dad (John Pyper-Ferguson)

Fickman: “I think mom and dad definitely got back together. It would not shock me if they had another child.”

Principal Gold (David Cross)

Fickman: “If he has not be hauled off to crazyland, he’s probably still running the school, still running Ilyria and singing his songs.”

Coach Dinklage (Vinnie Jones)

Fickman: “I would have to believe the coach has continued [coaching], maybe he’s now moved up to the pros. He was a very good coach.”


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