‘She’s The Man’ Director Shares Incredibly Sweet Channing Tatum Memory (Exclusive Interview)

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Remember that sad time when Channing Tatum wasn’t yet in our lives?

It was a dark point for everyone, but then, Channing got his big break — landing the lead role of Duke in the 2006 teen soccer comedy, She’s The Man . The film launched his career, and kick-started his ascent up the Hollywood ladder.

Today, Channing Tatum is the face of a number of huge blockbusters, but his She’s The Man director, Andy Fickman, and the rest of the movie’s cast were proud of him long before he got all of his big movie credits.

During a recent phone interview with People’s Choice, Fickman shared one of his fondest memories from his time shooting the teen comedy and, of course, Tatum was at the center of it.

“I remember the whole cast, we went to go see the movie, I think it was Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Fickman said. “It was early in the process. Channing [Tatum] had a Mountain Dew commercial that aired around that time [in which] a car flies over the air and does a flip and the guys high-five. And we go to see the movie and we take over two rows of the theater in Vancouver.”

The whole cast enjoying a night out at the movies already seems like a fun time, but then things got really exciting.

“We’re sitting in the theater and the commercials are on, before the trailers, and that Mountain Dew commercial came on,” Fickman continued. “And you would have thought that it had just been the Academy Awards, we were so proud of Channing and the 60-second Mountain Dew…we’re high-fiving, we’re all screaming.”

To know how proud the entire She’s The Man cast and crew were of Tatum way back then only makes us love them and the movie even more!

If you need a quick 2005 refresher, watch Tatum’s Fast & Furious-style Mountain Dew commercial below.

Do you remember seeing Channing Tatum’s Mountain Dew commercial? What’s your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below!