‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’ Stars Reveal Their Worst Haircut Ever (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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We’ve all been there. In the chair at a beauty salon or barber shop and at the mercy of the stylist. Sometimes it turns out great. Other times…you invest in a good hat for a month. When the haircut goes wrong, rest assured that even celebrities sometimes have to face the embarrassment of ‘dos that don’t.

In honor of the upcoming film Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, People’s Choice sat down with the cast of the film to dig up some horror stories of haircuts past. The results were not only eye-opening but hilarious. Stars were interviewed in pairs and you can clearly tell from the video clip that these guys have chemistry on and off screen.

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"I had a messed up shag," admitted lead actor and producer Ice Cube. "Which is a Black mullet. It was terrible."

Cedric The Entertainer one-upped Cube with his answer: "I did have a part that was a little too wide at one time, so I looked like Gary Coleman...but I was a grown man."

Common's was so bad he had to shave it all off!

"One of my friends was cutting my beard but he ended up cutting my mustache gash in my mouth, so I had to cut it all off," said the singer/actor. "And I'm not like, the guy that could wear the no-mustache look."

"What was that movie you were in that you had no hair on your top lip?" asked Anthony Anderson.

"Run All Night?" Common answered.

"Yeah, mmm. No."

But after Anderson was done cracking jokes on Common, he had his own story to tell.

"Somebody put something in my hair called White Lightning to curl it up and it actually ended up straightening it out and then falling out. So I had to wear a hat," said Anderson. "But yeah, it happens."

"You think it's cute in the moment," explained rapper/actress Eve, which, in a strange way, rationalized all those follicle faux pas.

(With additional reporting by Lindzi Scharf)

Check out all the answers in their entirety in the video above and check out Barbershop 3: The Next Cut in theaters April 15.

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