‘Big Bang Theory’ Bosses Reveal Whether A Baby Is On The Horizon For Penny And Leonard (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) may have recently tied the knot on The Big Bang Theory, but showrunner Bill Prady says fans shouldn’t be expecting the happy couple to be adding to the family any time soon.

When we caught up with the co-creator at PaleyFest in March, Prady said the newlyweds weren’t ready to welcome a bundle of joy into the world just yet.

“Penny and Leonard talked about [having a baby] and they weren’t quite ready, so I don’t think that’s something that’s happening any time soon,” Prady told People’s Choice.

Meanwhile, Prady’s partner in crime and fellow co-creator, Chuck Lorre told fans they shouldn’t rule out a Lenny baby just yet. According to the showrunner, anything could happen on The Big Bang Theory.

“I rule nothing out on this show,” said Lorre. “If you asked me nine years ago if Sheldon would be in a committed, intimate relationship, I would have said, never! And then Wallowitz’s character, who is an arrogant deluded loser in a monogamous, loving relationship to a beautiful woman and a father to be, never!”


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Lorre also explained that Sheldon and Wallowitz are great examples as far as how The Big Bang Theory has managed to let their characters grow while still staying true to the series.

“We seem to be okay,” said Lorre. “We seem to be staying in the boundaries of the show while pushing [the characters] a little bit.”

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CBS

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