Shay Mitchell Opens Up About What She Wants To Do After ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Ends

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With speculation rampant that Pretty Little Liars may end after season 7, it looks like star Shay Mitchel is thinking ahead to what’s next.

In an interview with Bustle’s Rachel Simon, the actress, who portrays Emily Fields, opened up about what she might do after her time in Rosewood comes to an end.  Interestingly enough, Mitchell teased that her next great endeavor doesn’t necessarily have to fall into the realm of acting. Instead, she would rather pursue anything she feels passionate about.

“I just want to be happy doing whatever it is that I’m doing,” Mitchell told Bustle. “If that’s acting or not, if it’s being an entrepreneur and going down that way, that’s awesome. You never know.”

While a final season of Pretty Little Liars has yet to be announced, showrunner Marlene King hinted during a PaleyFest panel last year that the upcoming season could be the last one.

“I think, as a group, we’ll make a decision on when it’s time to end, and right now it’s sounding like season seven. But there could be versions of the show that go on in a different form,” said King at the time.

Could one of those forms be a movie? When People’s Choice spoke to Mitchell at the People’s Choice Awards in January, she told us that she’d “love” to take the Liars’ adventures to the big screen.

“I think it would be fun if all of us girls were like, ‘Let’s go to Europe and shoot it.’ We could be chased by somebody there,” Mitchell told People’s Choice. “We’ll have to see if that happens, but I would be a big fan of traveling somewhere to shoot.”

Pretty Little Liars returns to Freeform this summer.

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