10 Hilarious ‘Stick It’ Quotes That Will Make You Want To Rewatch The Movie Immediately

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The 2000s had a lot of great dancing and cheerleading movies, but there was only one gymnastics movie during that decade that really stood out: Stick It, which came out in 2006 and celebrates its 10th anniversary today (April 28).

The hilarious, #MondayMotivation-filled gymnastics flick follows former elite gymanast Haley Graham (Missy Peregrym), who is thrust back into the world of backflips and dismounts after a little run-in with the law. Haley’s upset with the world and clearly isn’t trying to make any friends with the gymnasts at the academy that she sees as rookies compared to her, but, of course, things change. She gives them a second chance and Joanne (Vanessa Lengies), Mina (Maddy Curley), and Wei Wei (Nikki SooHoo) give her a second chance, as well. You can try to chalk this movie up as just another teen flick, but it’s so much more.

What sets this movie apart from others in the teen-sport genre is that it has characters that you care about, a sport that isn’t showcased nearly enough in the movie industry, a competition that doesn’t end the way it always does in these types of movies, and quotes that make it hard for you to stop laughing.

Check out nine of those LOL-worthy quotes below!

1. “If you like falling, then gymnastics is the sport for you.” – Haley

2. “I have a constitutional right to bear arms.” – Joanne

3. “Yeah, um, you’ve got a lot of people going to the Olympics. Just curious, what country will they be representing? The state of delusion?” – Haley

4. “I’ll have a cardiovasectomy!” – Joanne

5. “Too much rock for one hand, baby! – Poot (John Patrick Amedori)

…And, yes, you are spotting a pre-Twilight Kellan Lutz. (Fun fact: This was Lutz’s first movie role!)

6. “Dogs are people, too, Haley.” – Joanne

7. “Mina? Tell the foxymoron I got my GED when I was 15.” – Haley

“Joanne, Haley got her GED when she was 15.” – Mina

8. “What’s with all the closed captioning? Okay, I’m not mute.” – Joanne

9. “Call me.” – Joanne

“Stalk you.” – Poot

10. “It’s not called gym-nice-stics.” – Joanne

And here’s some headspinning on a balance beam, just because… Go Wei Wei, go Wei Wei!

What’s your favorite quote from Stick It? Let us know in the comments!

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