Watch Ellen DeGeneres Scare The Captain America Out Of Chris Evans

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Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen teamed up to take down the treacherous Ultron in the last Avengers film, but while promoting the release of Captain America: Civil War, the tandem superheroes faced their scariest opponent yet: Ellen DeGeneres!

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the duo were a part of not one but two hilarious pranks staged by the Queen of Scream herself. First in a backstage segment, Olsen’s Civil War co-star hid in the bathroom and spooked the Scarlet Witch, who was told there were free QVC samples in the lavatory. But the hijinks were far from over.

During the interview segment, an Ellen staffer dressed as Iron Man popped out scaring the red, white, and blue out of Captain America. Ever the good sport, Evans reacted to DeGeneres’  prank with the patience of, well, a superhero.

“You got me,” the actor admitted. “Can we play it back? I really wanna see that.”


(H/T Vulture)

Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters this Friday.

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