J.K. Rowling Reveals The Only ‘Harry Potter’ Death That Made Her Cry In Front Of Her Editor

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J.K. Rowling is keeping to her yearly tradition of remembering the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts by apologizing to fans for killing off a beloved character. This year, the Harry Potter author extended her regrets for killing off beloved Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and the last of the marauders, Remus Lupin.

Rowling took to her Twitter to publicly say sorry for axing the fan favorite, just like she did last year when she apologized for killing off Fred Weasley.

“Once again, it’s the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts so, as promised, I shall apologise for a death. This year: Remus Lupin.” tweeted the author.

In addition to saying sorry to the fandom, Rowling also opened up about when she decided Lupin’s fate was sealed, and even let fans in on the fact that the marauder’s death was especially emotional for her as well.

“In the interest of total honesty, I’d also like to confess that I didn’t decide to kill Lupin until I wrote Order of the Phoenix,” explained Rowling. “Arthur lived, so Lupin had to die. I’m sorry. I didn’t enjoy doing it. The only time my editor ever saw me cry was over the fate of Teddy.”

Rowling definitely hit the nail on the head as far as pinpointing why this particular death was so hard to stomach in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Apart from being so beloved by readers, the fact that he and Tonks had just welcomed their son, Teddy Lupin, before they were killed made the entire situation much more emotional.

Even Harry himself realizes this when he uses the resurrection stone just before going to meet Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest. Remus is among those spirits that come to give Harry the final boost of courage he needs along with his parents, Lily and James, and his godfather, Sirius.

“I am sorry too,” Lupin tells Harry in the forest after he brings up Teddy. “Sorry I will never know him— but he will know why I died and I hope he will understand. I was trying to make a world in which he could live a happier life.”

We can’t be the only ones a little misty eyed remembering that moment in the final book! Rest in peace, Remus Lupin. You may be gone, but you are most definitely never forgotten!

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