‘The Originals’ Star Reacts To Being Killed Off The Series: ‘Losing Your Job Can Be Really Tough’

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Leah Pipes has officially said farewell to The Originals, but not before thanking her fans for their continued support.

During Friday’s (April 30) episode of The Originals, Cami succumbed to Lucien’s bite and well, bit the dust herself. After the hour aired, Pipes took to Twitter to share a message with her fans about Cami’s death.

“Losing your job can be really tough. What kept me motivated was seeing your words of encouragement. I can thank you enough,” Pipes wrote.

The actress — whose character was a romantic interest for Klaus (Joseph Morgan)  — even extended a virtual olive branch to “klaroliners,” fans who have long wanted to see Klaus paired with The Vampire Diaries Caroline (Candice Accola) instead of Cami.


“But seriously klaroliners it’s time to make peace. As a peace offering, here’s a picture of Cami dying of chest herpes,” Pipes wrote cheekily.

As for Klaus himself? Morgan took to Twitter on Saturday, May 1 to bid farewell to his on-screen lady love.

“Just catching up on #TheOriginals. A huge thank you and farewell to @leamariepipes. Cami was the moral compass of our show,” he wrote, with the hashtag #shelivedwithGrace.

What do you think about Cami’s death on The Originals? Were you sad to see the character go?

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