And The Greatest Disney Channel Series Of All Time Is…

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Back in March we asked you to vote for which Disney Channel original series from the 2000s you think is the greatest of all time. Now, after weeks of championing for your favorite, we’re ready to reveal the winner! It was a tight race, but Lizzie McGuire pulled through for the win, earning 28 percent of the votes.

Given Lizzie’s penchant for getting into hilarious, albeit awkward situations, and the series’ heartwarming storylines, we definitely think Lizzie McGuire is worthy of being crowned as one of the greatest Disney Channel series of all time.

Of course, winning was no easy feat! Hannah Montana gave Lizzie a good run for her money. The series came in second with a whopping 24.67 percent of the votes— just 4 percentage points behind Hilary Duff’s hit series.

Meanwhile, Wizards of Waverly Place and That’s So Raven came in third and fourth, with 14.86 and 13.4 percent of the votes respectively.

If our poll has got you feeling super nostalgic for some of your favorite Disney Channel shows of the ‘00s then you’re in luck! Freeform has just announced that they’ll be airing some of your favorite series in two hour blocks from midnight to 2 a.m. throughout the month!

The epic lineup kicks off with none other than our poll winner, Lizzie McGuire on May 2 and we’re sure we won’t be the only ones tuning in to see some of our favorite shows of the ‘00s make their big return to television!

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