This ‘High School Musical’ Star Just Posted An Audition Tape For ‘HSM 4’

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When the next installment of Disney Channel’s High School Musical franchise hits television, we’ll get introduced to a while new crop of Wildcats. Though we don’t know yet whether any of East High’s esteemed alums will return, at least one actor from the original TV movie franchise has made it clear he wants in on High School Musical 4.

So which actor is really hoping he’ll be able to return? It’s none other than Coach Bolton himself, Bart Johnson. The actor, who played Zac Efron’s father in the original trilogy, recorded a fun video in which he jokingly auditioned for his original role in the films.

Set to the tune of the High School Musical 3 jam “Now or Never,” Johnson’s “audition” features the actor getting ready for his big moment by engaging in a variety of exercises and even flipping through a mock script.

“Hi, it’s Jack Bolton, and I’m auditioning for High School Musical #4 for the role of Jack Bolton,” says the actor feigning nervousness.

In the description for the video, we learn that his mock audition was created to entice others to audition for the upcoming fourth installment of the hit franchise.

“If you want to be in high school musical 4…download the “Disney Applause App” and submit your audition scene. It’s all free,” said the actor.

After, in true Coach Bolton form, Johnson gave everyone who might be interested a great pep talk peppered with some great High School Musical references!

“Don’t doubt yourself. No one auditioning for HSM is any better than you are so why not just go for it. You might be EXACTLY what they are looking for and worst case scenario is that you went for! You took your shot! You can’t say you didn’t try,” continued the actor. “You will be a better person for going for it and you will probably have some good laughs getting it done. So have fun. Go for it. Let me see that Wildcat spirit and if you get the job we will hang out on set and eat all the free food you could ever imagine. GOOD LUCK!!!”

According to the Film and Television Auditions website, online casting calls for the fourth film run through May 2 and additionally, Disney is set to announce in-person casting call details at a later date.

Good luck to all those auditioning!

(H/T MTV News)

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