‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Milo Ventimiglia Reveals Why Fans Should Be Excited For The Revival

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Where Gilmore Girl star Milo Ventimiglia leads, we will follow — especially when it comes to learning more about Netflix’s highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival!

Ventimiglia, who portrayed bad boy Jess on the series, recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to give fans a preview of what they can expect when they return to Stars Hollow.

“I think people should be excited for classic Gilmore,” Ventimiglia told Entertainment Weekly. “There was something about that show that was so spot-on in pop culture, in historical reference, and just really good heartfelt, belly-laughter crying. It touched on so much that I think… at least the scripts that I read, it’s classic Gilmore. It’s classic, classic Gilmore Girls. So I think that’s what the fans can look forward to.”

In a previous interview with TVLine, the actor also teased that fans could look forward to the Jess — Rory (Alexis Bledel) dynamic picking back up in the continuation.

“I was trying to recall where we left off with him. I think he was starting his own press in Philadelphia. He had written a book. And he was trying to re-inspire Rory into going back to her roots,” Ventimiglia told TVLine. “Not much has changed in Jess’ world since then. Jess might’ve been a pain in the [butt] when he first got to Stars Hollow, but he grew up and became a pretty decent guy. So it’s kind of a continuation of that with Jess.”

The Gilmore Girls revival is set to be released on Netflix later this year.

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