‘The Good Wife’ Creators Reveal Alternate ‘Airport’ Ending For Series Finale

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The Good Wife finally came to a close on Sunday night (May 8) and despite the unforgettable way everything went down, creators Robert and Michelle King recently admitted that they actually had a few alternative endings in mind.

In an interview with Deadline, Michelle King revealed that though every alternate ending was ultimately rejected, there were still a few that sparked a bit of discussion in the writers’ room.

“The biggest argument was probably about [Alicia] chasing a guy to the airport, stopping him from leaving, a version of the romantic comedy ending,” explained King. “We all had a big talk about that.”

According to King, the reason they scratched that idea was because they felt as though something warm and fuzzy like that would be good in the moment, but not necessarily stick with an audience long after a show has gone off air.

“They might send you to bed happy but they would really make it a bit forgettable and we were worried that whatever the ending would be, it should matter,” said King. “That’s why we all leaned toward this choice.”

Robert King shed some light on the intentional parallels that we saw between the pilot and the series finale. According to King, it was important for them to use those similarities so the audience would make the connection in their minds between the beginning and the end so that viewers could see how much Alicia (Julianna Margulies) has grown since we first met her.

“We tried to create everything else as a parallel so you would know that even though Alicia was the victim at the beginning, she is now the victimizer in the end,” said King.

“The hope,” added Michelle. “Was always that the similarities would point you to the great difference in Alicia’s character.”

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