Jared Leto Got His Joker Laugh Right For ‘Suicide Squad’ Using This Creepy Technique

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There’s a lot that goes into pulling off Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker, and no one knows that better than Suicide Squad star Jared Leto. The actor did a lot to prepare for the role as the villainous Clown Prince, but one thing he specifically took the time to craft to perfection was the Joker’s signature laugh.

So how did Leto finally settle on his eerie rendition of the Joker’s cackle? In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, the Academy Award winner revealed that he took to the streets to try his laugh out on unsuspecting citzens.

“I worked on the laugh while walking around the streets of New York and Toronto and kind of would walk around the street and see what laugh would get under people’s skins,” explained Leto.

According to the Suicide Squad star, whenever he’d hear a laugh while out in public that was a bit jarring, he’d try it out for himself and gauge the reaction of those around him.

“I kind of got to a place where I’d laugh and people would always turn around like, ‘What is this creepy guy behind me?’” said the actor.

It’s too bad there were no hidden cameras round to capture people’s reactions to Leto’s attempt. We’re sure that would have made for some fun bonus footage!

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Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5

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