‘NCIS’ Fans Sound Off On The Fate Of Ziva

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The members of NCIS weren’t the only ones speculating about the fate of Ziva David (Cote de Pabl0) after Tuesday night’s episode — viewers, too, were left in limbo.

The penultimate episode before Michael Weatherly’s last bow as Tony focused on the hunt for serial killer Jacob Scott and ended with a twist few probably saw coming.

“We’re going to find Jacob Scott and we’re going to kill him,” says Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to his team in light of Scott shooting yet another FBI agent. (The former MI6 agent is responsible for the  murders of former MI6 chief Jessica Terdei and Homeland Security Chief Tom Morrow in the multi-episode arch).

As the episode proceeds, the team looks tirelessly for Scott only for the alleged murderer to walk into their office and turn himself in. Once interrogated, Scott says he’s being set up. The team figures out that it’s really Kort and not Scott whose been betraying the CIA. But it may be too late because just as the episode comes to a close, a news bulletin from Israel reports an explosion at a farmhouse where Ziva is supposed to be staying.

NCIS bosses have said that Ziva will play a major role in Tony’s decision to leave his job, and this episode seemed to lay the groundwork for exactly that. (And with de Pablo confirming she won’t be returning to the show to make an appearance during Weatherly’s exit episode, it makes sense that Ziva’s predicament takes place off-screen.) But given the stakes, it’s entirely possible that Tony will leave NCIS not to rescue and reunite with Ziva — but to mourn her.

With the fate of Ziva very much up in the air, fans went ballistic on social media trying to speculate whether the fan favorite is still alive and whether Tony, Gibbs and the team will save her.


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