Zayn Malik’s Music Video Director Reveals ‘Like I Would’ Was Partially Inspired By What He Would Have Changed In Usher’s ‘Yeah!’

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Zayn Malik certainly pulled out all the stops for his “Like I Would” music video, which features the singer dancing amidst colorful lasers in futuristic looking outfits.

If you’re curious about how the video came to be, you need only ask the man behind the camera, Director X, who recently spoke with EW about how Usher’s “Yeah!” music video served as the inspiration for Zayn’s flashy number. According to X, creating Zayn’s laser-filled music video allowed him to go back and doing the one thing he wished he would have done during Usher’s shoot in 2004.

“If I could go back in time, I would have made ‘Yeah!’ all laser,” Director X told EW, later explaining that’s wanted to redo Usher’s video for quite some time now. “So this is my chance to do it.”

The music video director, who is also the man behind Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video, also recounted that Zayn’s team was super collaborative when it came to coming up with a concept for the shoot. In fact, it was the singer’s manager who got the ball rolling by bringing in what they call “the Cyclone,” which is the huge laser rig you see Zayn standing under in the video.

Director X told the outlet that he brought in his experience from working on Usher’s video and the Cyclone “and we started building from there.”

From the looks of the finished project, the vision both X and Zayn’s team had for “Like I Would” came off without a hitch!

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