‘Castle’ Series Finale Delivers Surprise Twist: Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic React

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*** This post contains major spoilers from the series finale of ABC’s Castle, which aired Monday, May 13, 2016.***

After months of speculation surrounding its fate, ABC’s Castle ended it eighth and final season on Monday (May 13) with plenty of twists — all the way up until the last moment.

The episode centers on Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett’s (Stana Katic) hunt for LokSat, who turns out to be attorney Caleb Brown (Kristoffer Polaha). After some high-octane drama — involving truth serums, trackers, and an incinerator — Beckett and Castle manage to arrest all guilty parties and finally get a moment at home. But of course, their moment of quiet didn’t last long. Just as the two seem to relax, the presumably “dead” Caleb Brown pops up and shoots Castle in the kitchen! But once again, Beckett saves the day, shooting Caleb dead and then collapsing on the floor from her own gunshot wounds.

Castle and Beckett crawl toward each other and die holding each other’s hands…or so fans were led to believe! Right at the last minute, the series jumps forward seven years, and and shows Beckett and Castle happily having breakfast with their three kids.

Yes, that’s right. Gunshots withstanding, it was a happy ending after all for Castle and Beckett.

Immediately after the episode aired, the show’s stars, creator and executive producer took to Twitter to chime in on the closing  chapter. Fillion, who had been tweeting along with fans for the entire show, signed off as Rick Castle with quintessential writer’s quip.

“Well. That’s it. Thank you, everyone. What an incredible journey. (Mic drop) Castle out,” the actor wrote.

Meanwhile, series creator Andrew W. Marlowe thanked both his leads for bringing the relationship between Castle and Beckett to life.

“Thank you to @NathanFillion for eight seasons of dedication, creativity, and leadership as . Can’t wait to see how you wow us next!,” wrote Marlowe. In praising Katic, Marlowe wrote, “Thank you for all the gifts you bestowed on Katherine Beckett. The world is a richer place because of her… and you.”

Stana Katic, who was not slated to the series even if it had been renewed for another season, answered Marlowe’s compliment with emojis.

After a fan wrote that maybe one day Marlowe and Castle EP Terri Edda Miller might be able to write a proper ending or a “continuation of the story,” Marlowe suggested a potential book series.

“Did someone say book series? How cool would that be?” wrote the series creator.

Miller, also chimed in and commended the show’s writers for keeping fans on the edge of their couches until the very end.

Take a look below to see what fans — including Kelly Clarkson — thought of the finale:


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