‘NCIS’ Says Goodbye To Michael Weatherly With Shocking Tony And Ziva Twist

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*** This post contains major spoilers from the season 13 finale of NCIS, which aired on Tuesday, May 17, 2016. ***

NCIS fans said a tearful goodbye to Michael Weatherly’s Agent Tony DiNozzo during Tuesday (May 17) night’s big season finale, but his departure wasn’t the only reason why they were heartbroken.

As promised, Weatherly’s final episode tied in DiNozzo’s beloved former colleague, Ziva (Cote de Pablo), but likely not in the way anyone expected.

After the penultimate episode left off with Dinozzo discovering that there had been a bombing at Ziva’s farmhouse in Israel, the finale revealed her tragic fate: Ziva didn’t survive the attack.

We’ve known for a while that de Pablo would not be returning for the finale but even so, we were hoping that DiNozzo’s future plans would somehow include living a happy quiet life with Ziva.

Ziva’s death wasn’t the biggest shocker of the finale, however. After DiNozzo returns to work, Mossad director Orli Elbaz drops another bomb on our favorite agent: Ziva had given birth to a child named Talia years ago and Tony is definitely the father.

In the end, it looks as though it’s Talia who helps DiNozzo make up his mind about where his future will go from here.

“I’m everything to that little girl now, and I’ve never been anybody’s everything before,” reasons DiNozzo after they’ve tracked down and taken care of Kort.

With a daughter to think about, it’s not surprising that Tony would prefer to take life in the slow lane for now. It’s also a fitting exit for his character. Earlier this season, we saw Tony struggle with the idea that his life didn’t hold as much meaning as he would have liked. But we’re betting that adding a daughter into the mix is about to change all of that.

Take a look below to see what fans thought of Tony’s big exit:

After the episode, Weatherly himself took to Twitter to bid farewell.

“I love you all … and you gotta believe what you gotta believe! I’ll miss those days with my great friends!” he wrote.

In another tweet, the actor revealed that de Pablo was with him during the airing of the finale.

“Thank you and I love you all- Cote is here with me now!” Weatherly wrote.

It may not have been the Tiva reunion we were expecting, but we’ll take it!

What did you think of Michael Weatherly’s final episode of NCIS?

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