Kylie Jenner Watching ‘Camp Rock’ Is Literally All Of Us

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Kylie Jenner may be one of the most famous teens around, but it turns out, she still gets just as excited as the rest of us do whenever we see that our favorite Disney Channel Original Movies are on.

Jenner recently tuned in to Camp Rock over the weekend and took to her Snapchat to share her nostalgic feels over seeing a young Demi Lovato back on her television screen.

“What? I totally forgot about this.” said Jenner in her first snap, before showing fans a short clip of Lovato’s Mitchie laughing in a canoe.

Despite the fact that she hadn’t planned on tuning in, Jenner took to Snapchat once more to let fans know that she’d definitely be sticking around to enjoy the rest of Camp Rock.

“I actually wasn’t watching this, but now, I think I’m gonna,” added Jenner.

We can’t say we blame Kylie for getting sucked in! Camp Rock, which the story about a normal girl (Lovato) who works in the kitchen at a music camp and suddenly finds herself falling in love with a pop star (Joe Jonas), is definitely one of our favorites too!

And just in case you missed this weekend’s showing of Camp Rock, remember there’s always the Disney Channel’s epic upcoming Original Movies marathon to look forward to!

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