The ‘Teen Witch’ Cast Reunited, And It Was ‘Pure Magic’

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Get ready to party like it’s 1989! The cast of the hit ’80s flick Teen Witch reunited over the weekend and shared an epic selfie that’s bound to make you nostalgic!

Robyn Lively, who starred as the magical Louise in the cult classic, took to her Instagram to share the adorable reunion pic and also revealed that the cast reunited for a very special reason. It turns out, Brad (Dan Gauthier), Louise (Lively), Polly (Mandy Engber), Randa (Lisa Fuller) and Ritchie (Joshua Miller) all got together to record a commentary track for the upcoming Teen Witch DVD.



“Soon…THIS happened!!! AHHHH!!” wrote Lively. “The cast of #Teenwitch REUNITE for the DVD commentary! It was pure #MAGIC!”

Lively also hashtagged her photo with a few Teen Witch appropriate phrases bound to make fans of the film ridiculously happy. Our favorite is “#topthat” because who could forget that epic rap battle that happens between Polly (Engber) and her “funky” crush, Rhet (Noah Blake)?

We’re definitely looking forward to hearing what behind-the-scenes secrets the cast ends up divulging whenever the Teen Witch DVD commentary is finally released!

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