‘Beauty And The Beast’ Director Debunks Popular ‘Aladdin’ Theory

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A Beauty and the Beast theory that’s as old as time (in terms of the internet) has officially been debunked.

Last February, we reported on a popular fan theory theorizing a potential connection between Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. The speculation centered on the scene in which Belle returns a novel she borrowed to the local bookstore. The new book Belle selects —  her favorite story that she’s already read twice — contained far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, and a prince in disguise leading some internet sleuths to posit that the book may be a nod to Aladdin, which premiered after Beauty and the Beast.

Not so says Gary Trousdale, the director of Beauty and the Beast.

Earlier this week, the director officially debunked the popular theory while speaking with BuzzFeed during a 25th anniversary screening of the film.

“I think [Howard Ashman, the lyricist’s] idea was that the prince in disguise was an allusion to the Beast,” Trousdale told BuzzFeed. “And the story that she’s reading, you can see — certainly debunking this Aladdin theory a bit further — there’s a brief bit when she’s sitting on the fountain and the sheep come and eat the page out of [the book], you don’t see any Arabic or anything. It’s a very pastoral, European setting. I think the idea was it was supposed to be her. I’ve totally debunked it — it’s absolutely bull.”

Now that this theory has officially been quashed, we can move on to more important matters. For instance, better Disney song: “A Whole New World” or “Be Our Guest”?

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(H/T BuzzFeed)

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