Exclusive Video: ‘Arrow’ Alum Colin Donnell Reveals How He Found Out About Laurel’s Death And Why It’s Possible She’ll Be Back

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Arrow fans may have been shocked by Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) death this season, but actor Colin Donnell, who portrayed Tommy Merlyn on the series, was lucky enough to get a heads up on the big twist.

When we caught up with the actor at this year’s NBC Universal Upfronts in New York City on Monday (May 16), Donnell revealed that his former costar broke the news to him about Laurel Lance’s fate.

“I actually saw Katie just before — as they were filming it, or just after they had filmed it and she kind of pulled me aside and was like, there it is,” Donnell told People’s Choice.


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Stephen Amell may be under the impression that there's no way Laurel could ever come back from the dead, but it sounds as though Donnell himself isn't so sure it's not a possibility. According to the Chicago Med star, given the supernatural elements that occur within comic series, there’s always the possibility that Laurel could return.

“It’s a comic book universe," reasoned the actor. "Anything can happen, I’m sure.”

Regardless of whether or not we see Cassidy again on Arrow, Donnell is positive the future is bright for his former co-star.

“She’s a wonderful person— I’m sure…the next thing she does is gonna be amazing,” said Donnell. “Laurel was an awesome character on the show, so I’m sure she will be sorely missed in the universe.”

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