‘Deadpool’ Creator Explains Why He Didn’t Want Cable In The Movie

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Audiences couldn’t get enough of Ryan Reynolds’ charismatic portrayal of Deadpool, but it was the absence of another beloved Marvel Comics character that left some viewers scratching their heads.

While the superhero film about the wise-cracking mercenary went on to become the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, a number of fans were surprised that Cable, a popular Marvel Comics character who possesses psychic and telekinetic abilities, didn’t make an appearance in the film.

During a recent interview with MTV News’ Crystal Bell, the creator of both characters, Rob Liefeld, explained why he was against having Cable in the film.

“At the time, the first thing the producers asked me was, ‘Rob, should we have Cable in this movie?’ Cable is going to hate me for life for this, but I said no,” Liefeld told MTV News. “This is Deadpool’s time to shine, and this is Ryan Reynolds’s time to shine. You don’t need Cable. Cable can wait. I remember my mind was screaming, ‘What are you doing, greedy comic-book freelance guy? You have the chance to see two of your creations instead of one!’ But I felt like it was really important to keep it Deadpool-focused. That was the only time that I was presented with a choice.”

But don’t worry, Cable fans! Deadpool viewers who stayed for the post-credits scene already know that the sequel will feature the popular character.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to begin shooting his fall and is rumored to be penciled in for an early 2018 release.

Are you excited about seeing Cable make his big screen debut?

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