HBO Addresses ‘Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow Spinoff Rumors

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Jon Snow fans were delighted when various outlets began reporting that Kit Harington had been approached by HBO with regards to starring in a Game of Thrones spinoff series. Now, the network is putting those rumors to rest.

EW has confirmed that unfortunately, there’s “zero truth to this” rumor, according to sources over at HBO, who were quick to debunk the idea of a Jon Snow-centric series.

Buzz that Harington was currently in talks to star in a series that would put the former Lord Commander front and center erupted after Yahoo! Celebrity initially reported the news on Sunday (May 22).

According to the UK outlet, a senior executive at HBO had “confirmed ‘exploratory talks’” had been underway since Harington discovered that his character was going to be brought back to life following his alleged demise in season five’s epic finale.

Unfortunately, as much as we’re sure fans of Game of Thrones would have loved to have seen an entire series of Jon Snow’s adventures take shape, it looks as though we’ll have to shelf this idea on our Thrones wishlist for now.

Despite the fact that HBO won’t be moving forward with this rumored spinoff, fans of Game of Thrones are still hoping the network decides to continue telling various tales that take place in Westeros once the series comes to an end. Earlier this year, author George R.R. Martin even suggested that HBO should consider adapting his Dunk and Egg stories next. We’ll definitely be crossing our fingers and hoping HBO takes Martin up on his suggestion!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO

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